What is success?


This post started off as an analysis of success and quickly turned into a Life Plan brainstorming session. As it turns out, building a life plan is a little more intricate than I first thought, and requires a great deal more pondering than half a Sunday. As such I think I will assign this post to explore success, and then allocate my life plan the time and devotion it needs.

Right, so, what is success?

If you asked four different people what their definition of success would be, you would get four very different answers. In order to illustrate this, I asked four people one simple question; What does success mean to you?

Sophie, University Student reading Psychology – “I’d probably define success as having a stable career which you enjoy. Above all, being able to support yourself financially and being able to share it all with people you love / who care about you.”

Will, Soldier in the Armed Forces – “Success to me is when one recognises their flaws and does everything to rectify them. Continuously advancing their life forward for the better, even if it sometimes means taking a step back. It doesn’t mean coming first, it means coming a position above what you were yesterday.”

Reema, Series Producer at the BBC – “Success for me is seeing other people achieve and grow in their careers and knowing that I have helped and guided them to achieve their best. That’s when I know I have achieved my best.”

Toby, Antiques Dealer & Owner of Lorfords Antiques – “Success is the freedom to choose when and what you wish to do.”

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100 Things That Make Me Happy


A Dedication to the Small Things in Life

Recently I saw a very old friend for the first time, in a very long time. This very old friend bought me a book, sort of a solution for Bloggers with writer’s block. I flicked through the book gently, until the first page appeared. To my mild astonishment, it was titled “What Makes You Happy?” I have been um-ing and ah-ing over this particular title for a number of months now, and this little sign gave me the motivation I needed to finally get it started. So here is my dedication to all those small, seemingly insignificant (for lack of a better word) things, that bring joy to my life.

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My Story

A Brief Account

I have been mulling over this post for almost a year now – ridiculous I know! I mean what am I so afraid of? Being judged by strangers, upsetting those close to me, admitting to myself what past me used to be like, to be honest, probably all of the above.  But whats the use of crying over spilt milk – or past events you have no power to change? I want to help end the stigma around Mental Health and I feel the best way to do that is to share my story.

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The Next Chapter

The Day I Realised I Wanted to Live

Tuesday 13th June, 2017

Just over two years ago, in February 2015, I dropped out of my first A-Level school. I had moved there after my GCSE’s but, for various personal reasons, I ended up leaving prior to exams. My parents agreed to this with the understanding I would go back into education in the following September. I spent sixth months working with my Dad’s company, whilst trying to save myself from sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Lo and behold August came around and I still had no plans for September. In a feat of desperation my father and I moved me up to live with his parents, my grandparents, in Ipswich, Suffolk, where I was to attend the local Ipswich School. I was hesitant about returning to education from the start, but I told myself that A-Levels were imperative and it was only two years.
Four months on and Christmas came around, already a very hard time of year for me, it was made harder by my constant inner battle about whether I would be able to continue in Ipswich to complete another 5 terms. Despite therapy, supportive friends and an extremely understanding school, I was slipping further and further away, spiralling into self-destruction. With the breakup of my inevitably doomed relationship pushing me closer to the edge, I knew that this was do or die for me. I either found the will and the strength to go on, or I couldn’t go on. With suicidal thoughts poisoning my mind and self-harm replacing homework as my evening avocation, I had to find the part of me that wanted to live and I had to, at any cost, hold onto it.

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