100 Things That Make Me Happy


A Dedication to the Small Things in Life

Recently I saw a very old friend for the first time, in a very long time. This very old friend bought me a book, sort of a solution for Bloggers with writer’s block. I flicked through the book gently, until the first page appeared. To my mild astonishment, it was titled “What Makes You Happy?” I have been um-ing and ah-ing over this particular title for a number of months now, and this little sign gave me the motivation I needed to finally get it started. So here is my dedication to all those small, seemingly insignificant (for lack of a better word) things, that bring joy to my life.

  1. Tea
  2. Getting into bed between clean sheets
  3. Reading
  4. My childhood blanket
  5. Food
  6. Hot baths with bubbles
  7. Music
  8. Dogs
  9. Lying in bed on rainy days
  10. Disney movies
  11. Photos
  12. Crossword puzzles
  13. Board games
  14. Writing
  15. Cooking/baking
  16. The smell of freshly mown grass
  17. Cats
  18. Cuddles in bed with my boyfriend
  19. Stargazing
  20. Pyjama Sundays
  21. Breakfast in bed
  22. Babies
  23. Taking my bra off after a long day
  24. Candles
  25. Finding an outfit I feel good in
  26. The beach
  27. Hot chocolate
  28. Fluffy dressing gowns
  29. Olives
  30. Organising my room
  31. Helping people
  32. Takeaway nights with Mum
  33. Walking in nature
  34. The smell of Vanilla
  35. Travelling
  36. Seeing the first Daffodils before Spring
  37. Those days when everything just seems to go right
  38. Wine
  39. Watching the city from my balcony
  40. Staying in hotels
  41. House plants
  42. Crème Brûlée
  43. Photography
  44. Coffee dates with my friends
  45. Daydreaming
  46. Movie nights with Dad and Kate
  47. Mint green
  48. Crying (because I’m happy)
  49. Comfy slippers
  50. Spontaneous trips
  51. Poetry
  52. Those “me” days
  53. When my skin is clear
  54. Smoothies
  55. Lie-ins
  56. Dates with my partner
  57. Christmas
  58. New mugs
  59. Feeling inspired
  60. Homeware shopping
  61. Seeing my partner after he’s been away
  62. Long summer days
  63. British summer strawberries
  64. Smoothies
  65. Late night drives
  66. The first hot cross bun at Easter
  67. Planning my future house through Pinterest
  68. Minecraft
  69. Blue skies
  70. Laughing so hard I can’t breathe
  71. Being my weird self with people I’m comfortable around
  72. My cuddly toys
  73. Colouring in
  74. Horse riding
  75. Autumn colours
  76. 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
  77. Looking through old photos
  78. Stickers and labels
  79. Disney movies
  80. Decorating my room
  81. Haribo rainbow spaghetti
  82. Salted popcorn
  83. Spas
  84. When people stroke my arm
  85. Singing
  86. Face masks
  87. Card games
  88. Roses (the flower)
  89. Nachos
  90. Cushions (my boyfriend does not feel the same way)
  91. Cheese
  92. Lord of the Rings
  93. The smell of Lavender
  94. Going to the theatre
  95. David Tennant
  96. Soft towels
  97. Benefit perfumes
  98. Feeling clean after a shower
  99. Wrapping presents
  100. When people comment on my blog


Think about the small things in life that make you happy, and if you feel like sharing you can pop them in the comments below.

Happy living


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